5 Dreams Worth Financing

We all have dreams, and they are not always the unconscious thoughts of an over active mind trying to sleep at night. No these dreams are real, tangible, and can be touched and accomplished.

One might also interpret these dreams as goals. And lofty as they may be, they are our dreams and goals, and for some, provide a purpose and plan in their lives.

If you read a lot of autobiographies of famous (insert titles here), it can be a famous musician, actor, business person, even someone like a teacher, doctor, astronaut, pilot, athlete, even politicians, they all have common thread in their writings; passion, they had and have a passion for what they do.

Many of them also will say, they knew from a young age what they wanted to do and be, and never wavered from that course.

Some say that what they dreamt of doing and being, was all they knew how to do. They may tried other jobs, but to no avail, the only thing that mattered and what they were good at was their dream.

Not all of us have that passion, and also have the luck that goes with achieving that dream. And there is some luck involved, along with a lot of hard work.

Thee also can be a bit more than luck involved along with the hard work, for some dreams it can take money. Sometimes getting from Point A (your life now), to Point B (your dream), can take cash, money, dosh, and if you don’t have the money, then you may need to borrow it, finance that dream.

And there are many ways to access the money to finance your dreams, and the first place is at home, family. It can also depend on how much you need to finance the dream as well.

A few hundred pounds to cover you over a gap year to travel may be “doable” by the bank of mum and dad. When we talk thousands of pounds, or even tens of thousands of pounds, we are now possibly outside the realm of mum and dad’s financial help. We may need to move on to the big game, the larger picture, and that is borrowing from a bank or lender, and taking out a loan to finance our future goals.

That is a big decision to make, and also one that can separate the dream from the reality. But passion plays its role, and we strive onward.

In looking at a few dreams/goals people have, we can look at various financing means, and opportunities that may be available to aid in accomplishing those goals and seeing those dreams come to fruition.

Education: (And Not Always University)

Some people in looking at the big picture and future, want to insure a better life for themselves by investing in education; in their education.

This means a commitment of time, and energies, one of those energies being money, for a period of time, and then being able to earn more and have a better living and life.

Making to commitment to education can come in many forms, it may be going to university, apprenticeships, getting various qualifications that may help you climb the job ladder.

Again, the commitment required is not for everyone. There are many people who do just fine, and earn well and do well, without the additional time behind the books and in the classrooms. But for some who have very specific goals, such as to be a doctor, pilot, solicitor, etc, you need the further education to continue to follow that dream.

Let’s just look at a university degree for a moment, and what that may involve, besides a possible three (3) years of additional study, it can also involves a huge cost factor.

With a maximum tuition charge of £9,250 per year, it is easy to graduate with £30,000 (tuition, housing, travel, food, etc) or more in debt, debt that usually takes the form of student loans.

Student loans can be debated, but the fact is there are a way to finance the dream, and they also have flexible repayment terms. You do not even begin to repay the loans until after you earn £25,000 per year, and then only 9% of any amount over the £25,000 I taken as payment towards the student loans.

However, university is not for everyone, or everyone’s dream or goal.

What is your dream is to be a pilot, a commercial airline pilot, travelling all around the world, seeing the sights, and seeing the world from 30,000 feet in the sky.

Years ago, and this was probably 25 or so years ago, may commercial airline pilots received their training and flight school training, and became pilots through the military. They learned to fly when they were in the service of their country, and upon leaving, be it retirement or just finishing their duty, they went on to become commercial airline pilots.

This took some additional training and certifications, but they had the basics already. They already were pilots.

Today as the airline industry and military service has changed, many commercial pilots do not have that prior military flight training, and take it upon themselves to get their licenses to fly, through private flight schools, and lessons.

So how much does it cost to get trained as a pilot? As with everything, it can vary.

On the average depending on the school, and what training your require, and if you wish to go full-time to get through it quicker, £40,000 to as much as £120,000!

Then you still have the airlines themselves training to complete, and also there are air hours, and more training.

Many people who want to be a pilot are very passionate about this, and the money is secondary in what the training costs. However, not too many people have that kind of cash lying about, so once again, financing the dream may be an option.

Again, besides the passion for the job or career, there can be some financial gain in the end, earning more over time than many other jobs.

Then there are passions and careers, that no amount of education or money spent on lessons will make you a star, the arts.

Music, acting, painting, writing, all of these you can take lessons for and pay for training, but many of those that are successful in the arts, may have had some training or lessons, but they followed their dream, through thick and thin, poverty and anonymity, until they got the success they wanted, or for many, deserved.

This investment, is not so much of finance and money, but of time, living cheaply, suffering for your art…to be a bit dramatic

Property: (Land – Homes – Investments)

A common dream many people have is to own their own home, the be a homeowner, and have a place they can not just call their own, but also a place they can decorate as they wish, raise a family, and just call it home.

Since buying a property can and is expensive, the average house price in the UK now at over £225,000, this is another dream that can require financing, and that financing is in the form of a mortgage.

However, just as financing other dreams can be profitable in the future, so can owning property, the profits of owning a property being a secondary benefit of being a homeowner. The first dream is to have your own home, the gain or profit is just icing on the cake.

Properties appreciate in value, which means they usually increase in value. This while you are paying down your mortgage, which you took out to finance the dream.

In future years, you can sell the property possibly use the profit to buy a larger property, or use the profit gained by the sale as a retirement fund, or using a reverse mortgage or equity release, also as a part of a pension and retirement plan.

Some dreamers like to take the dream of owning a property a step further, they want to be landlords, build a property portfolio, and let out their properties in the hopes of making money, a living, and being a property tycoon.

This can be through residential properties, commercial properties, or developing raw land or other buildings into something new.

Again, this dream of building a property portfolio, or being a property developer is not without its costs, and usually again, this will require some form of financing. However, also again, property can be seen as an investment, and it can be worthwhile to finance that investment/dream.

Holidays and Travel: (Cruises – See the World)

This dream or for some a goal, is debatable as to if one should finance the dream, or simply save for it.

We all like holidays, who doesn’t.

A fortnight away somewhere warm, sandy and sunny, with nothing to do but lie in, read books, and decide what to eat and drink.

That’s a holiday.

The question is, should you finance this holiday?

Once again the debate will roar on, with some saying absolutely no, save for your holidays, to sure why not, if you can pay off the financing before your next holiday, why not finance it.

In the grand scheme of things, looking at financing a dream holiday, may be more like a cruise around the world, seeing five of the seven Wonders of the World, or perhaps all seven. A once in a lifetime holiday that you have always wanted.

There are those that can and will save for such holidays, but for some, it may be a case of financing the dream.

Cosmetic Surgery

Unless you require surgery to correct a major deformity, or have had an accident and need reconstructive surgeries, the NHS does not cover cosmetic surgery, which means you need to go private, and/or pay for the surgery yourself.

Some people are not happy with various parts of their bodies or features, and due to the advancement of medical science, these things can be corrected or changed.

However, some surgeries are not cheap, and can be quite costly.

The alternatives are to save for the surgery, or take out a loan. And there are many lenders who specialise in this sort of lending. Just as student loans are for university and additional education, there are loans just for cosmetic surgeries.

Businesses: (Being the Boss and Being an Entrepreneur)

Another dream that many people have is to own their own business.

For many it is not that they want to be the boss, they just have a dream and an idea and passion, for something they want to see grow.

If you look at the Sir Richard Bransons, Elon Musks, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs of the world, yes, they are or were all very wealthy. However, they also worked very hard, and were very passionate about what they did and do.

You do not reach that level of success and fortune by sitting back and doing nothing.

In order to start-up your dream business, it can start small. You can work out of your home, or let a small shop, humble beginnings, putting profits back into the business, growing a bit more each month and year.

However, not all businesses are that easy to start-up. Some require stock to be purchased, and possible a retail like environment to sell in, like a store or shop.

These additional expenses can be paid for and covered by the owner’s savings or own personal credit. They also can be funded by a business loan, or other form of financing.

Using a loan to finance a business can be a good way to start the dream ball rolling, and not have to wait and try to save, or miss out on an opportunity that may be just waiting in the business world.

Everyone’s dreams and goals and life’s aspirations are different, and some may not require much money to achieve. However, for those that want to further their education, get certain qualifications, be an entrepreneur, or a real estate mogul, they may need a slight financial push in the right direction, to finance those dreams into reality.

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