The Many Ways to Get Stuff Free!

If you are like may of us, the word free grabs our attention. Especially when you couple free with….anything really.

Free is free.

Why pay for something when you can get it for free.

Sometimes people will take something they don’t even need, or may not even use, all because it was free. Just look at free samples of items being given out in stores, especially the larger supermarkets.

You may not even like or use that brand of laundry soap, but a free sample, hey I’ll take one, and who knows you may even use it.

And there is a lot of free items out there in the real world and online world. In fact it is amazing how much free stuff there actually is available, so much so that after you read this, you’ll wonder why you even buy things, when you can get them free.

And just to get things started, free samples is one easy way to get stuff free.

In many city centres you may see a promotion truck, or a gathering of people, walk over to it, there could be some free items being handed out. The other day a group were handing out free small cans of a popular soft drink. You could have a few of them if you wanted, all for free.

Free can be anywhere, you just need to be aware of it.

There can be various “techniques” some people use to get free stuff, and then there also is just searching and knowing where to look.

So let’s go in search of free stuff…

They’re Giving it Away!

Yes, it’s true, everyday people give stuff away, and not just little things either, furniture, fridges, cookers, sometimes, even a car. All for free, you just take it away.

Two web sites that have people posting stuff they want to give away are:


* Craigslist


There are many others as well, a simple web search will pull these sites up, sites such as, freecycle network, reuseit network and others.

Again, people trying to get rid of stuff they no longer need, for free. They may have bought a new (insert item here) and want to get rid of the old one.

These are a great starting point for a life of free stuff.

Libraries give out old books for free, and online there are many web sites for free ebooks.

There are many other web sites that have free stuff available on them as well.

Just a simple web search for free stuff, pulls up many web sites, and places offering stuff…for free.

However, two web sites you also want to visit in your searches are Money Saving Expert, and Save the Student.

Let’s Get Social

Chances are you are one of the billions of people already addicted to some form of social media, and don’t deny it. So why not make it work for you!

So many companies and business have Facebook pages and other social media, which you can follow, and many times they are offering free samples and stuff, which you can snag.

And it’s not just Facebook, but you can also get free stuff on Twitter.

One other technique if you have a lot of followers, and I do mean a lot, enough to make you sort of an “influencer”, is to post about products you like, and get people to follow you, and the products, and maybe, just maybe, you may be able to parley this into some free stuff.

It’s worth a try.

Loyalty Points

Maybe not totally free in the grand scheme of things, but a way to get free/cheap stuff.

If you are going to buy at these shops anyway, you may as well gain something for it. Stores such as Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Coop, etc, all have loyalty programmes where you can earn points, points which can be used to buy stuff, or sometimes cash in the points for other products and services offered elsewhere.

Product Reviewer/Tester

As they say, “good work if you can get it”.

If you regularly write reviews for restaurants you eat at, hotels you have stayed in, and also any products you have purchased, you may want to look into becoming a product reviewer, which for in return, you can receive free stuff to review.

And there are some big players in this to try to get onboard with, Boots, Amazon and others.

This also ties in slightly with being a “mystery shopper”. Where you are paid, or are given a free meal or service, and as a mystery person the staff or business do not know you are there to review their service or product.

You get something free by giving an honest review.

Just Look Around

If you do a lot of walking, and even driving around various neighbourhoods, you may see stuff sitting at the end of a drive, or near the walk, with a sign saying FREE.

Obviously weather permitting and the neighbourhood, you may find some decent stuff being given away.

In some instances it is someone who has had a car boot sale or “yard sale”, and the stuff they didn’t sell, they are giving away just to get rid of it.

Just to mention this, as it sort of ties in with finding free stuff left out, is the whole tip and skip diving technique.

People do go through tips and skips looking for stuff, and while rare, they can find some OK, decent stuff. Again, not for everyone.

Just Ask

The child that doesn’t ask, doesn’t receive, or so they say.

When someone buys something new, such as a TV, furniture, anything, ask them what are they going to do with the old one?

You may be surprised, they may say they hadn’t thought about it, or ask you if you want it.

This works really well in a business context, such as when an office may buy new chairs, desks, computers, phones, etc, what are they going to do with the old stuff.

Of course you may not need or want some of this free stuff, but you can also try to flog it yourself for a few quid.

There are people that make a living doing this.

It’s Your Birthday

There are restaurants that offer free meals on someone’s birthday, usually as long as one of the parties is buying a meal; sort of a buy one get one free bargain.

And not that it is your birthday everyday, just once a year, and if you were going out anyway, it is a free meal.

Go Freegan

This won’t be for everyone, but freeganism is a way to really save money on food, and in some instances, eat for free.

It involves a few things, such as growing your own food, trading and exchanging food with others, and also a bit of “dumpster diving” for food.

This is a controversial issue, and one that can have legal implications. Going to a supermarket’s bins or skip looking for edible food is questionable, however, people do it. Not all food considered waste is truly wasted, some is still perfectly fine to eat.

The legalities of the issue are what you need to be aware of, and a way around this is to just ask. Ask the management if you can have the food they are going to bin. You may get a few no’s, as there are concerns from the markets and shops, but you may be surprised and find a source to get free food from.

Again, not for everyone.

Free Theatre and Other Tickets

Sign-up and be a seat filler, and get free tickets to shows, concerts and other events.

For some events, especially those that may be filmed, production companies and film crews don’t like to show empty seats, they want to show a full house. By becoming a seat filler, you can get into the show for free, just by sitting there and watching it.

And if in London, here are a few ways to get free tickets to shows, comedy acts, and more.

Here are a few more web sites to help you get free stuff:

Maybe Not Free But Really Cheap

In looking at your household budget, there is one area that is a big expense each month, and that is housing, or more specifically….rent.

Depending on what part of the country you live, your rent can be 25% to as much as almost 40% of your monthly income.

Naturally one way to reduce this expense is to share the costs, have roommates, live in shared accommodations, and group houses. However, not all of us like the idea of sharing a kitchen or bathroom with others, and some people just want to live by themselves and have a bit more privacy.

And there is a unique way to do this, and that is by being a property guardian.

Property Guardian

The basis of being a property guardian is this, you get to live in an empty building/property that may have historical value, or the owners just need someone to live there and keep the place up, in return you get below market rent. In some instances, you get very cheap rent.

Not all properties used in guardianship programmes are great to see or live in, they may be an old school, church, or a property that was not initially set-up for someone to live in.

There are also properties that are used to house multiple people or families, so not all guardianship properties may allow you the luxury of living by yourself, but you get cheap rent.

There are some pros and cons to becoming a property guardian:


* Cheap rent

* Can be a much larger living space that you could afford

* May be a historic building


* You are not a tenant, so you have no tenancy rights

* May be asked to move in short notice (28 days)

* Building may need some repairs and work

* Not a lot of choice of neighbourhoods

Property guardianship is not just for young people, but people of any age looking to reduce their living expenses, especially their rent costs.

Free Cars..or Heavily Subsidised

As previously mentioned, there are times when someone may advertise a car on one of the many freebie web sites for free; just come and get the car. More likely, come and to the car away.

However, the car is free, and may need some work, but it is free.

One thing we need to mention is that even if you were to get a car for free, or very cheap, you will still have the ongoing expenses associated with owning the car, insurance, petrol, repairs, MOT, etc.

The Art of a Free Car

This is more a philosophy, and while in the end the car may seem free, you still need to buy the car, the right car.

The way this works is you buy a used car, one that you have researched and have found that the depreciation factor on the car is huge in the first few years, then that depreciation may level off.

An example may be you buy a 5 year old (insert model here) for £1,500, as the car has lost its value very quickly.

You drive the car for two or three years, and then sell it for £1,500, which means you got the car for nothing, you made back you initial cost of £1,500. If you were to sell the car for £1,000, then the car cost you £250 per year, not including operating costs.

Rare, but a perfect example of this would be to purchase a car that is valued low, but in a few years becomes a highly sought after model. Then when you sell it, you can sell it not only for more than you paid for it, and the additional money earned would have paid for your ongoing expenses for the car, insurance, petrol, etc, which then you really did ride for free.

This is not easy to do, but as stated a philosophy and an art.

Paid to Drive

Another “outside the box” way to possibly get a free car, or get your car paid for, is to use it in advertising.

A marketing firm or advertising company, may provide you a car, for free, that is “wrapped” or painted to advertise a product or service.

You see ads on the sides of black taxis, this is similar to that, however, the whole car is usually wrapped to make it standout and be something people can easily see and read.

In some instances the company may provide you the car, or they may paint/wrap your car, a car you already own, and pay you a monthly amount for this. This payment can be used to offset your car expenses, in essence allowing you to drive for free.

In some instances you may even be paid by the mile you drive, showing off the advertising more as you drive.

Are there any downsides to this?

You do not get to choose the car if it is provided for you, and you don’t get to choose the product or service advertised.

You also need to remember that the ad is showing on the car 24/7, all day, everyday.

However, it is a way to get a free car, or your driving paid for.

Competitions, Contests, and Giveaways

You have to be in it, to win it, as they say.  And by entering contests and competitions, you may win something, all for free.

It is free to enter, and free to win.

Granted the odds may not be in your favour, but what do you have to lose, and look at what you may win.

You can win vouchers for shopping, tablets, mattresses, you name it, and you may win it.

Here are a few web sites to get your started:

Free Money….Sort Of

Banking is a competitive industry, and as such, they want to get new customers all the time, and one way to do this is to offer incentives to switch bank accounts.

Gone are the days of a free toaster or kettle for opening a bank account, these days banks are offering cash, and some are offering hundreds of pounds!

Banks from HSBC (£200), to M&S (£185), to First Direct (£199), are offering cash or vouchers, for switching and opening new accounts.

Naturally there are terms to be met, such as having your wages paid in and direct debits paid out. But it is a way to get some free money.

Weird Stuff for Free and a Laugh

There has been some odd and weird stuff given away over the years, some of it sounds like maybe a hoax, but who knows.

Things from a used urn, to hold a dead pet or person’s ashes, to body lint, to even a witches stock.

There is even someone trying to give away a pile of old bricks, and a used “defunct” parachute.

If you want a laugh, just look here and here.

But as they say, one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure.

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