About Loanable

“Loanable was formed in 2017 by a passionate team with decades of combined experience in the finance industry.”

Personal Loans
from £1,000 – £35,000

Terms from 12 – 60 Months
From £1,000 – £35,000
Responsible Lenders
Loanable Limited is a credit broker & not a lender

Personal Loans
from £1,000 – £35,000

Terms from 12 – 60 Months
From £1,000 – £35,000
Responsible Lenders
Loanable Limited is a credit broker & not a lender

We are Here to Help You Find the Credit You Want

We connect consumers and businesses to lenders who meet their exact financial needs. Our technology driven approach matches you with the right lender, quickly and with 1 simple application.

Loanable was incorporated solely to try to help consumers and businesses find the right type of credit they require as easily as possible. The credit market can be a challenging place for some people. Our aim is to try to reduce the challenge by allowing people to make one (1) application that is passed on to potential lenders.

With Loanable you can feel confident that we will only process your application with lenders that are suitable for your personal circumstances.

Looking for a personal loan today?

So, How Can Loanable Help You?

Here at Loanable, we work with many different lenders offering many different types of loans.

We cover all ranges of the credit spectrum, from short term loans starting at £100 to secured loans up to £500,000+. By focusing on short term loans, personal loans, car finance and secured loans we are confident we can find a solution for any financial need.

Furthermore, we have lenders to suit all credit profiles, so even if you have a history of bad credit we have companies who are prepared to consider your application. And with our easy-to-fill application form, you can be connected to several lenders in a matter of minutes.

Our History

Loanable was formed in 2017 by a passionate team with decades of combined experience in the finance industry. Recognising that consumers were becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of transparency and confusion when applying for credit;

Loanable was incorporated to give people instant access to lenders who match their exact requirements with 1 simple application.

Leveraging our extensive relationships in the loan industry and understanding of consumer finance technology, our goal is to find the right loan for you.

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Always evolving, we work hard to constantly improve and increase our panel of lenders and partners.

This results in more loans approvals, choice and better deals for our customers.

Whatever credit requirements you have, we want to be able to provide you the right solution quickly and effectively.

Our VisionOur vision is to create a platform where people can securely access a range of relevant credit providers with minimum hassle.


Our Values

Loanable has several core business values that form the foundation of how we operate the business. By instilling these values throughout all areas of the organisation, we hope to give our customers a fair and positive experience.

Treating our customers fairly – Treating customers fairly is at the very heart of how Loanable does business. Throughout the business and entire customer journey we ensure that our customers are treated fairly. This means that the products we are selling meet the needs of our customers, they are clearly and transparently explained and our customers receive the product they thought they were going to get. We also ensure all our marketing material is clear and not misleading. The process of treating customer’s fairly never stops and any business decision we make is always done asking the question, is this fair and right for our customers.

Responsible Loan Brokers – Loanable are responsible loan brokers and will always remain so. By this we mean that we will NEVER charge a fee to consumers for our broking service. Instead we are remunerated by the lenders who we introduce our customers to. Also, we are completely independent and will only introduce clients to lenders who are suitable for them. The lender we introduce the client to is not impacted by the commission that we earn but rather the suitability for the client’s needs.

We also are transparent in all our advertising. We want to make sure that a client knows an example of the type of costs of the credit before they decide to take it out. Furthermore, we do not recommend the use of website by people who are experiencing any financial difficulties. Nor do we suggest that clients take out a loan that is unsuitable for their needs. We advise that anyone who is considering taking out any credit think very carefully before applying for a loan and be sure that they have the means to pay the loan back.

Protecting Your Data – We take your privacy very seriously and will never sell or rent your data to 3rd parties. Furthermore, our developers are constantly improving our IT infrastructure to protect your data from any malicious attackers. Unfortunately, the credit industry has historically had a cavalier attitude client’s personal details, leading to unwanted and intrusive behaviour by several companies. We are pleased to say credit companies are now taking data protection more seriously and with the ICO getting much tougher, data privacy and protection is now becoming a priority. At Loanable we will always make sure your personal details are kept secure and never sold to anyone. You can see our privacy policy here.


Our Income – How We Make Money

Loanable will NEVER charge a fee to a customer. We make our money from the lenders who we introduce customer to.

Loanable makes money from the lenders who we introduce customers to. We never charge a fee to the customer, hidden or otherwise. This will never change.

Loanable is paid commission by lenders via 2 different models.

Cost Per Application – In some instances lenders will pay commission on a “cost per application” basis. That is, a lender will pay Loanable commission for a loan application regardless of whether the lender lends to the customer. In this instance, the lender is taking the risk that the application will result in a funded loan.

Cost Per Funded – This is where a lender will only pay us commission when they fund a loan with a client that we have introduced to them. Normally the lender will absorb the commission payments themselves, however in certain instance lenders may charge a broker commission. Lenders have a duty to be clear and transparent with their customers, so if they do pass on the commission to a client they must be clear about exact amount. Before entering into a loan agreement always make sure you are fully aware of all charges and be mindful of any additional charges such as broker commission on top of the interest payments.

Please be aware that Loanable is independent and will only introduce customers to lenders who will feel most suit their needs. The commission we earn from lenders has no impact on our decision on which lender we introduce our customer to.

So now you know how Loanable makes it money. We want to be around for a long time so we continue to help people find the credit they want.

Our Partners

Our Partners - Who We Work With

Loanable works with two separate types of partners. Directly with lenders and with “master” packagers/brokers. The advantage of working with both is that is gives customers access to a large range of lenders thus improving their chances of being approved for a loan.

Direct Lenders – We work directly with several different lenders including instalment loan lenders, unsecured lenders and guarantor lenders. We have lenders to service all ends of the credit spectrum from excellent credit to very poor credit. And we have lenders that cover varying loan amounts and terms. No matter what type of loan you are seeking, we believe we have the experience and lending contacts to try and meet the needs of our customers.

Master credit brokers – In some cases we will pass your application onto what we term as “master” credit brokers. While this may seem a little confusing, they are loan brokers like ourselves however they have existing relationships with lenders who will only work with them.

Customers get access to lenders that they otherwise might not have been aware of and get dealt with by a company that is highly experienced in their area of finance.

It is our belief that working with “master” brokers/packages is a good thing that only enhances our customer’s experience and ultimately improves their chances of finding the financing they want.


Our Love of Great Content

One thing that’s worth mentioning is our love of content, great content to be precise. A big plan for Loanable is to produce interesting, engaging, sometime amusing and a lot of time useful content for our readers.

don’t put ourselves under pressure to produce a certain quantity of content but rather focus on producing quality content. By placing attention on producing only quality content we hope to provide our readers information that they find genuinely useful. So, visit our blog and if you like the content please feel free to share with your peers.

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We're Social

Like many organisations today, we also maintain an active social media presence. We use social media to share our content, keep customers updated on new products and services and answer any customer queries.

We’re most active on Twitter and Facebook and invite you to start following us.

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Where We're Located

We’re located in Aldgate in the heart of the City of London, near the famous Gherkin building. We do of course serve customers throughout the whole of the United Kingdom.

How Are We Doing? We'd love your Feedback.

We aim to provide the best possible service to all our customers and hope you are genuinely happy with us. We do of course recognise that sometimes things don’t always turn out the way they should. Despite our best efforts.

So, would really appreciate any feedback you have on the quality of our service or indeed anything else. Feel free to get in touch with any comments you have





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The Future

The Future

Predicting the future can be a risky business however we have an idea (at least) of the direction we would like the company to be going in.

Here are some areas we would like to see develop as time goes on:

Larger Choice of Lenders – As the company evolves we would like to continually increase the number of lenders ultimately to give our customers more credit solutions and improved chances of being approved. Other Relevant Products – We’d like to offer our customers other relevant products that we feel would benefit them.

More Content – We’re really committed to improving our content resources and we’d like to produce more educational content to help our customers make better financial decisions.

New Territories – Eventually we’d like to offer Loanable in other countries but a lot depends on the regulatory environment of the county and how developed the consumer finance infrastructure. We’re happy concentrating on the UK for but do have an eye on moving in the United States in 2018.

Improved Technology – A big plan is to continually optimise and develop our technology so we can deliver our customers a range of credit solutions with minimum hassle.

We hope you have found our about us section useful and look forward to helping you find the loan you want.